Star Trek: Into Lens Flare

Yes, it’s the second Star Trek film by J.J. Abrams and yes he still loves the judicious use of lens flare. The flare is toned down from the first film but once you’re aware of it, it’s incredibly hard to not see everywhere.

Okay, with that out of the way I can now talk about the rest of the film. I’ll try to keep it brief so as to avoid big spoilers. It was good fun and well made with fantastic production design and special effects. The actors channeled their predecessors fairly well, some even better than the originals.
Then we come to the story. The makers of this film had the tough objective of keeping fans happy whilst maintaining enough mainstream appeal to make this film a successful blockbuster. For the most part they just about pulled this off. It did veer very close to the space fantasy territory that Star Wars occupies (hey, maybe they should get J.J. to direct the next star Wars!) and a little bit too far away from Roddenberry’s original science and philosophy vision, but that’s okay.
The real problem with this film is about two thirds of the way through, when plot and motives become a little blurred and convoluted, thus diluting the main villain. Without giving spoilers you’ll have to watch the film; trust me, you’ll understand if you see it.
As stated earlier: this is an immensely enjoyable film but I hope the franchise is brought back to TV where it can really rediscover its roots. Keep it set in the new cinematic universe and focus on another ship or situation maybe? A bit like what Marvel is doing with the new SHIELD tv show.

I can’t complain too much though: it is 2013 and new Star Trek is still being made, which is a good thing.

Why Mr Cumberbatch is Smaug

Cumberbatch smaug

With the first Hobbit film released today I feel I should draw attention to a brilliant piece of casting. Benedict Cumberbatch is to play Smaug, and it is a trailer from another franchise that gives you an idea of the voice we can expect to hear.

Check out the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer below and you’ll see what I mean –