Why Mr Cumberbatch is Smaug

Cumberbatch smaug

With the first Hobbit film released today I feel I should draw attention to a brilliant piece of casting. Benedict Cumberbatch is to play Smaug, and it is a trailer from another franchise that gives you an idea of the voice we can expect to hear.

Check out the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer below and you’ll see what I mean –

Why Sci-Fi for me?

I have been part of a promo with a great group of indie authors: The Sci-Fi Spotlight week, where you can grab 15 books for free and another 15 books for a mere 99 cents.

One of the authors, Nicole Ciacchella, has run a week long special feature on her web site: Why Sci-Fi? I have been kindly featured on today’s post.

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