Smashwords July Summer Sale: Charred Earth and Ark Project

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Exo-marines: Revelations

Exo-marines is now officially published –


Feohu Prime and its Colonies have been waging a never ending war of survival against a savage and feared alien race: The Voloth’Tai. An elite force called the exo-marines were created to combat the deadly threat.
After her elder siblings are killed in action, Julia Augusta enlists with the exo-marines so she can avenge their deaths. Julia embarks on her first mission, during which she encounters the toughest challenges of her life. Just as she thinks her situation cannot get any worse an aurora appears in the night sky, which changes everything she knows about her life and her world. 
Can Julia and her allies adapt to this new reality?

Revelations is Book 1 in the exo-marines trilogy. It is a 71,000 word novel.

New Novel Title Reveal

I have been working on a new science novel for some time now. Today I can reveal that it will be called Exo-marines: Revelations.
It will hopefully be released within the coming week.

Read an eBook Week 2013 – 75% off The Charred Earth Trilogy


In celebration of Read an eBook Week, which runs from Mach 3rd – 9th 2013, I am offering 75% off The Charred Earth Trilogy at Smashwords.

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Charred Earth Trilogy png small

The first part of the trilogy, The House, is available for FREE –

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The Complete Charred Earth Trilogy

The Charred Earth Books are now available together in one volume. Click the picture below to be taken to its product page –

Charred Earth Trilogy kobo

A man wakes up in Earth’s future. He has no idea who he is. He sets out on a journey of discovery… and has no idea that by waking up, a chain of events has been set in motion that will drastically change the planet forever.
Despite being new to a world he does not know, the man unexpectedly finds himself in the unenviable position of having to save it.

Charred Earth Trilogy is Completed!

The final book in the Charred Earth Trilogy has been published. Click on the picture below to be taken to its product page –

Charred Earth This Alien Earth kobo

The oddly named man Char has chosen to confront the demon from his, and the world’s, past. He is going to do so with an unlikely group. Char is not sure he can call them friends; especially the enigmatic woman known only as Leaf 6.
Unknown to them, events have been set in motion that fundamentally change the entire planet. What started out as a journey of discovery soon ends up as a mission to save all life on Earth.

FREE Science Fiction Book today and tomorrow: The Ark Project Trilogy

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Bonus Free Book – The House is the first part in the Charred Earth trilogy and is free on Amazon.comThe House FREE on Amazon