About Me

TJ Hudson lives in Yorkshire, UK. Although his body resides there his mind can often be found wandering away to who knows where.

He decided it was about time these meanderings into the land of imagination were written down, and just maybe make some sense of it all.

A bit more information as you’ve kindly made the effort to visit the site –

I’m a big geek, but that can hardly be surprising for someone who writes scifi, fantasy and alt history. If you’ve found your way here hopefully you’re a bit of a geek too, and that’s no bad thing. Sometimes I’ll write about my interests on this site; they might be reviews and opinions, we’ll see what happens!

I like most sports, but I’m terrible at them, I can just about manage to put one foot in front of the other. So I’m content to settle for running and spectating the rest. Though I have completed the Winter Tough Guy Challenge, which involved putting one hand in front of the other as well as my feet at some points, so there you have it.

I also love gardening and have gardened professionally, despite the British weather. Though on many a (particularly heavy) rainy day I found myself with spare time and that is when the writing started…